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Our local data centre offers flexible hosting solutions for our client's services and requirements. We have a strong experience in hosting services for a variety of clients in the Bay of Plenty Region.
Hosted services allow a customer to save in initial and monthly costs of maintaining their own servers.

Why move your services to the cloud when you could build a relationship with an IT provider you know and trust?

Systems and Upgradesshutterstock_64498579

We build our computer systems according to your requirements - in return you get a reliable and future proof computer or server system, which can grow with your needs. We have a lot of custom build systems out with our clients, running for more than 8 years.

Ask us also for our upgrade options - many computer systems can be upgraded for better performance, rather than thrown away.

Network Solutionsshutterstock_37576282

CIS plan, deploy and support a variety of network solutions.  These scalable solutions include managed networks, private networks and local area networks.

Clients require a network solution when a collection of workstations need to be connected to each other to allow the sharing of resources and information.

Network solutions are required for a variety of reasons such as expansion of the business or new branches in other geographic locations.

IT- Support


CIS provides clients with technical support when required or adherence to an agreement. This support can be accomplished via visiting the client''s office or remotely from our location.

CIS has an experienced support team which is essential in ensuring client''s businesses activities avoid downtime.

Problems with IT services inevitably occur so having a support team that responds quickly is a common client''s requirement.

CIS can resolve a variety of issues that occur with workstations, networks, servers, security setups, hardware, smartphones, printers, internet connectivity, and email..

Only for our clients:

Instant Online-Support needed? Please call 07 577 6839 to setup a remote session with one of our skilled technicians.

Medtech SupportMedtech-Certified-Engineer

CIS is specialized in MedTech support, installation and maintenance. With MedTech32 and MedTech Evolution certified engineers we can ensure that your practice system is running stable and problems can be resolved in shortest time. CIS offers also in-house MedTech hosting, which safes your practice from high hardware investment costs.

MedTech Evolution - the next generation practice management system: CIS can upgrade your existing system toMedtechUpgrading-300x149 meet the requirements and migrate MedTech32 to MedTech Evolution.

Pharmacy supportshutterstock_28500475

We have a vast experience with Pharmacy installations and can support your Pharmacy operation by supplying all required hardware components, network infrastructure, HealthLink and EFTPOS connection and setup. We keep you save with the latest Antivirus technologies and on-going support.

More than 18 pharmacies can not be wrong.


Have you ever thought about what happens if your hard drive fails?

CIS offers it's own in-house Cloud-Backup solution, this means your data is safe with us and does not get spread around the globe.

Online Backups are a secure, monitored and cost effective approach to backing up data. To undertake a backup, CIS will duplicate the data at a client's office via a secure internet connection on a regular basis. Backup processes are regularly monitored to ensure all mission-critical information is backed up.

Losing valuable data is a costly adventure for businesses that do not regularly backup their data.  Therefore generating a recovery point in the case of a server crash, disaster scenario or malware infection is recommended.

IT Project Managementshutterstock_101149267

CIS provides project management for IT projects of all sizes.  CIS will provide guidance throughout the initiation, planning, deployment and life cycle of the project.

CIS will work with clients to establish the best IT systems and infrastructure to support clients' business requirements, processes and budgets.

There are a variety of projects that require project management; network expansion, new offices requiring IT equipment, updating old networks, server design and hosted services requirements.